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Remo Realty Remo Realty

Company Profile

Remo Realty, uncompromising excellence is our standard. With a strong ownership and management team, we provide our representatives with the best support and most productive working environments necessary to offer you first-class service. Confidence in each other to deliver the most creative and innovative services to our clients. The foundation of our services is our fast growing goodwill and reputation which we have earned through our highly dedicated, well organized management and Marketing Team. Key person of this company Mr. Reza Islam had a Real Estate Agent license from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He also worked at different leading real estate company in Bangladesh, We also have affiliation with foreign Multinational Real Estate Company.

Our Services

We provide Real Estate Solutions for corporate and individual clients. Over the years, we have thoughtfully and purposefully expanded our full-service menu.

  • Individual & Corporate Solutions (Rent)
  • Real Estate Management Services
  • Brokerage & Agency: Sales
  • Property Marketing
  • Tenant Representation
  • Landlord Leasing Representation
  • Valuation and Advisory Services
  • Corporate Fit-out
  • Service Apartment
  • Property Management
  • Interior Decoration